One of my drawings that I

did for school.. I love it!

I really think it’s amazing, ’cause I just

made it up, so it’s my master piece and

it belongs to ME :p

Ok, these are my first three flowers I drew for

art class in school, I love them!! and I only drew them

with Markers COOL ! didn’t know it was in me 😛

Well, I also did this one for art class,

but I didn’t get the chance to to take

a picture of it when I finished it :S

But it really turned out BEAUTIFULL !!

Ok this was for a religious contest, I love it,

it was soo freaking HARD !! I sat painting this

at the art studio from 9:30 am till 5:30 pm..

WOOWH!! too long MAN, but I won!! so it was

worth it. Then they put it up in a mall with all

the other winners paintings 😀

This was the first drawing I drew this semester,

we had to draw something by dotting the

canves 😛 so I tried my best and walaah !!